Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is an overview of all of your marketing efforts on the internet. It can include but not be limited to website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, email marketing, social listening, review management, and more. Here is a handy Info gram with more information in a visual form.

What is Digital Marketing?

What should be included in your digital marketing strategy?

Number one item I always start with is : WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? There really shouldn’t be any more work done on your strategy until you have established some clear “SMART” goals.

Now you can start building out on your digital marketing strategy what tools you can use to work towards your goals. By tools I mean what online platforms will help you get to your goals. i.e. Website, Google, Social Media, Email Marketing. Select which tools you need.

Next your strategy would include the most important part – a plan of action to achieve your goals by using the online tools you have outlined.

As an example one of my goals is to obtain more mortgage agents as clients and set them up with a website and social media plan. To do this my strategy is to use my website, plus my social media – most specifically LinkedIN to connect with and start conversations with people in this industry.

Finally – the action piece. JUST DO IT. Regularly, consistently.

Then circle back. CHeck analytics. Adjust strategy (action plan) as needed.


If you need assistance with creating a Digital Marketing Strategy, I can help you with this on a consultant basis. First phone call is always free.


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