Does your Website Contain Errors?

Does your Website Contain Errors?

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Does your Website Contain Errors?

Does your Website Contain Errors? If one of your goals is to have your business / website appear on page 1 of Google Search Results then you need to read this article.

Day#123/365 Daily Tips! Today’s tip: if you have a website you need to be aware that errors on your website may lead to Google and other search engines penalizing your search engine rankings.

The 9 Most Common SEO Errors That Hurt Your Rankings [DATA] courtesy of Search Engine Journal .com

  • Accessibility & Indexation. Pages with Canonical Tag – 10.63 Percent. …
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) AMP is a Google project launched in 2015. …
  • Meta Tags. Title / Description Too Long – 15.48 Percent / 7.71 Percent. …
  • Headings. …
  • HTTP Status Code. …
  • HTTPS Certificate & Server Parameters. …
  • Links & Redirects. …
  • Loading Speed.

Other errors that might exist on your website, especially websites created for small business:

  • Spelling Errors
  • Missing Links
  • Broken Links
  • Missing Alt Tags

If you have errors on your website this may cause your google search rankings to be negatively effected. Correcting errors on an ongoing basis will benefit your SEO.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an ongoing task of your business which should be considered as important as posting your hours on Google. If you are not controlling the information on your website, which includes correcting errors.

If you are interested in learning if you do have any errors on your website I am currently offering a completely FREE no obligation audit. Just contact me on any of my social media platforms or email me at

[email protected]

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