Don’t Let Your Social Media Go Silent During COVID19

Don’t Let Your Social Media Go Silent During COVID19

Business Owners do not let your social media channels go silent during covid19

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s just a crazy time right now.  As a small business owner you might have had to shut your doors, or have just lost so much business so quickly you might as well have to close.  Regardless of the status of your business it is critical to remember that this crisis will pass. We will come out the other side, and I’d like to encourage you to set up your business to be able to not just survive this Pandemic, but to come out the other side more successful than ever.

Your digital marketing strategy that you had in place – yes probably needs to be thrown out the window (temporarily).  But that does not mean that you should stop cold turkey and just not have a social media or digital marketing strategy.  Going silent is about the worst decision you could make for your business and your community.

You have a unique opportunity to use your website and social media channels now for a different purpose.  To stay in touch with your community and HELP them through this Pandemic. There is content that you can be sharing on your social media that will provide useful information, hope, positivity and inspiration.  

The businesses that can see the opportunity here to be of service are going to have a much higher chance of thriving in the future and here is why:


Every platform; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN all show content to the newsfeed based on algorithms that will show accounts and content that get more engagement.  If your accounts go silent, there will be no engagement, and when you do try to post in the future you risk a much reduced favouritism with your content being shown.


If you are sharing positivity to your social media channels you will not only get more engagement, but you will be helping people reduce their stress.  Sharing hope, joy, and love during this dark time will be appreciated by your audience, the engagement will be higher on your posts and you will get more engagement moving forward.


If you are HELPING others and helping in your community in any way, for example sharing local updates, featuring a fellow local business hero, sharing information on non -profit assistance, etc. this will remain top of mind with your community as someone that was part of the solution.

I used to have a boss that would tell me; “Sarah if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”.  How applicable this advice is today!! If you are working on the solution and being of service during COVID19 then that means you are NOT part of the problem. 

It is key to remember, this too shall pass.  You absolutely need to change your social media marketing strategy immediately.  What was appropriate to post even one week ago, is no longer relevant to your audience.  So PIVOT, and create and share content that is relevant TODAY.

You have a very captive audience, as many more people now have more time to spend on social media.  Use it strategically, use it wisely, and use this opportunity to help others, and stay in touch with your community.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on what to post you can visit my article: https://sarahclarke.biz/what-to-post-on-social-media-during-covid19/


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