Elevate February 16th The Emotional Entrepreneur

Elevate February 16th The Emotional Entrepreneur

Womens online networking meeting

Elevate February 16th The Emotional Entrepreneur

Elevate February 16th "The Emotional Entrepreneur".

ELEVATE is a monthly online networking program for women entrepreneurs held every third Wednesday of the month at 4pm EST.  I've been hosting ELEVATE for almost 2 years now, and the women that meet together all believe in supporting each other through a nonjudgmental, open, honest, and vulnerable environment.  We believe in collaboration over competition.  We believe in running our businesses with love.

For the first time ever we are opening up our monthly meeting to more women.  We hope you will join us on February 16th at 4pm EST for a group presentation and discussion led by our very own Christy Brighton.  Christy is the founder of www.beholdher.life and will be discussing "The Emotional Entrepreneur" as a theme to go along with February - Valentine's Day, love, relationships, and emotions and how we can use these in our business.

All are welcome to attend, and you do not need to participate in discussion if you are not comfortable you can sit back and listen.

There is no charge for this event.


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