Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Life Tip: Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Day#137/365 Daily Tips. Recently I was introduced to an amazing woman – Suzanne Longstreet from Success and Clarity and Pinkpreneurs. She is a Mindset Mentor and NLP Trainer. I’m really looking forward to working with Suzanne on a few projects. She is very inspiring and in the few hours I have already spent with her I have learned so much. Here is a link to a wonderful blog post she wrote:

Clean Up Your Language

Where she explores removing these words or phrases from your vocabulary.



Have to

I have only been slightly aware of the negative self talk that I am using with myself in my life and also in my business. I can’t even tell you how many times I say “You should do that or I should do this, etc” Just applying this simple awareness has made me realize that just by making subtle changes in language that I use with my family, team members, and with myself is already feeling more empowering and positive.

I can also apply the idea to marketing and how we prepare text for social media posts and other digital marketing assets. Using positive wording certainly will give all content a more positive affect on the target audience.

For example – “You Should be Using Twitter for your Business” vs “You could be using Twitter for your Business to achieve that goal”

Just eliminating that word “should” and replacing it with “you could” makes it seems more like a friendly suggestion instead of a pushy statement.

Thank you Suzanne for allowing me to share this information.


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