Entrepreneur Tip balance life and work

Entrepreneur Tip Life Work Balance

Entrepreneur Tip balance life and work
Take Time to Rest and Recharge

Entrepreneur Tip: Balance Life & Work and Take Time to Rest & Recharge

Tip 26 / 365 Happy Saturday! If you are like me you have a very busy personal life and a very busy business life. It’s hard to balance the two. And I’m a Libra – don’t even get me started about “balance”!! I usually push myself too hard, getting too little sleep and taking very little time each day for any rest or personal time. So by the end of the week I’m completely exhausted. I don’t find I’m then effective at anything. By the end of the day yesterday I was staring at the computer having no idea what I was doing. Mentally exhausted too.

So my tip today which I am trying to implement is to allow time for rest. Here are some suggestions on ways to rest & recharge:

Sleep in! Read a totally trashy book (not business related)! Go for a walk in nature! Have a nap! Do some yoga stretches! Watch a fun movie or binge watch a series on Netflix!

Basically give yourself permission to recharge. I would really like to figure out a way to better do this daily rather than wait until I’m too exhausted to function.

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