Facebook Business Page Tip

Facebook Business Page Tip

Facebook Business Page Tip: Pin a Post to the Top of your Page

Facebook Business Page Tip

Here is a quick and easy tip to get one post on Facebook some more attention than others. PIN a post to the top of your page! This might be a monthly special or a free offer, or just a post that you feel is key for your audience to see first if they land on your business page.

I would also like to point out that Facebook Business Page load times are slow, and a visitor might not have the patience to wait for all of the posts to load, so having your most important and relevant post pinned to the top of the page will get it noticed first.

I usually pin one post per month, then boost that post, and it will almost always get more impressions and engagement that way. Just remember to unpin a post if it no longer becomes relevant for example an event post.

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