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6 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Marketing Efforts for your Business

Facebook is a social networking service originally launched as TheFacebook on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.  By September 2006 anyone with a valid email address was able to sign up for a Facebook Account.  Though some business owners now think almost 20 years later that Facebook is no longer relevant, nothing could be further from the truth.  Facebook is still the number one largest social media platform as of September 2022, followed by Youtube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

As a business, it is expected that you will have a presence on Facebook.  In order to be relevant to your community, your customers, and your potential customers having a Facebook Business Page should not be considered optional.  It is as critical to your business operations as an open sign, or a website, or business card.

Facebook Statistics to be Aware of

  • Over 60% of Internet Users Worldwide are on Facebook
  • Almost 3 Billion users visit Facebook each month
  • 1.93 Billion people visit Facebook daily
  • 63% off marketers say Facebook is the MOST important social media platform and the most effective way to advertise a business


Facebook Stats for Business

Benefits Of Using Facebook For Your Business

Using Facebook has many benefits to your business including the following:

  • Cost effective exposure for your brand
  • Direct way to connect with current and potential clients
  • Reach a wide audience quickly
  • Powerful insights and analytics to understand the results of your marketing and efforts
  • Relationship building
  • Effective & FAST way to communicate
  • Facebook profiles and content is indexed by Google
  • Great tool for Customer Service
  • Great tool for Social Listening

Tips for Maximizing Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

  1. Optimize your Facebook Profile

First make sure that you create a Business Page for your business or brand.  Never a personal profile.  Second make sure the you optimize your Facebook Business Page by completing all available sections in the about tabs.  Add your logo as the profile picture, and an appealing cover photo.  Claim your page's URL i.e. https://www.facebook.com/sarahclarkebiz (instead of a number string)

Remember that your Facebook Page will be indexed by Google so if you strategically use keywords in your description and BIO section this will help people find your business not just on Facebook, but also on Google.

2.  Post Consistently

Posting consistently to your Facebook Page is incredibly important to be considered relevant in the Facebook algorithm.  Make sure that you have a plan in place to post min 3 times per week or more.  However - it is not best practice to post multiple Facebook Posts to your page all in one day or all at once.  There might be pages where posting multiple times a day makes sense i.e. a News site, but in general your audience will NOT want to see content from you more than once a day.

The types of posts you can create & share now include:

  • Static Posts
  • Photo Albums
  • Stories
  • Reels

When you are working on a content strategy it is good to keep in mind that it is generally accepted to post the same content from Facebook to Instagram especially with Stories and Reels so you can actually save time and hit a larger audience.

I suggest you use a scheduling tool, either the Meta Business Suite, or a program like Hootsuite or Sendible so you can plan and schedule your content in advance as much as possible.

3.  Engagement

Engagement is a key component of social media growth. It helps you stay connected with your audience, and the algorithms on all platforms work the same - the more engagement you get and give, the more it will show your content.

Some tips for engagement

  • Respond to ALL comments on your posts
  • Respond to all direct messages, questions, and reviews
  • Engage with other accounts FROM YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE.  There is a special feed for you to see where you can like, comment, and share content from your Page (not personal)

4.  Paid Ads

Facebook is now a platform that very much might require an investment in paid ads to grow. If you find that no matter how consistently you are posting content, no matter how much you are engaging your reach still remains frustratingly low, you may need to invest in paid ads on Facebook.

This doesn't necessarily require a huge budget.  Even a few dollars a day can go a long way in increasing the reach of your page and your content.  Personally I have had better success at boosting posts as opposed to running targeted ads.  Boosting a post allows you to set up an audience of your target market and show to them one of your social media posts.  This gives you opportunity to grow the reach and engagement on one post, invite anyone who likes that post to like your page, and increased engagement on one post most likely will lead to increased engagement on other content.

**ProTip - When someone likes your Facebook Post - Invite them to LIKE your page**

5.  Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your business. Here are some tips on how to use Facebook Groups for your business:

1. Join relevant groups. There are millions of groups on Facebook, so it's important to join ones that are relevant to your business. For example, if you sell products for pets, you could join groups about pet ownership, animal care, or pet lovers in general.

2. Introduce yourself and your business. Once you've joined a few relevant groups, take some time to introduce yourself and your business. Share what you do and why you're passionate about it. This is a great way to start building relationships with potential customers.

3. Engage with other members. Don't just spam the group with links to your products or website - that will quickly get you banned! Instead, engage in conversations, offer helpful advice, and be genuine in your interactions. People will appreciate it and be more likely to check out your business as a result.

4. Offer exclusive deals or discounts. Everyone loves a good deal, so offer up exclusive deals or discounts specifically for group members. This is a great way to increase interest in your products or services while also building loyalty among your customer base.

By following these tips, you can effectively use Facebook Groups as a tool to promote your business and connect with potential customers

6. Measure Your Results

You can not grow what you do not measure. Facebook offers powerful Insights and Analytics for your Business Page.  By monitoring your most important KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) you can evaluate how well your efforts are working.  You can also zoom in on types of content that your audience prefers - and post more of that.  Or types of content that get very little engagement - and post less of that.  I suggest measuring & comparing your analytics at least once a month.  I keep a spreadsheet so I can measure growth month over month.  This helps me stay motivated, and allows me to adjust my strategy as needed.


Facebook Business Quote

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to maximize Facebook marketing for your business. Taking the time to understand how best to use the platform and its features is essential for success. With careful planning and implementation, you can utilize the power of social media to promote your business, increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, and ultimately drive more sales. With so many opportunities available on Facebook today, it’s definitely worth exploring how this powerful tool can benefit your business in a meaningful way.

If you need help with your Facebook Strategy please reach out I offer consulting in Digital Marketing Strategy and would love to discuss how I can help you grow your business or organization on Facebook or any other platform.  CONTACT ME TODAY

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