help vulnerable people by sharing resources

Help Vulnerable People by Sharing Resources on Social Media

How your Charity can Help Vulnerable People using Social Media

Day #106/365. Article #7/8 in my Non Profit Series:

help vulnerable people by sharing resources

This topic hits home for me. I’m on the front lines at the Food Bank every week, talking to members of our community that are suffering from poverty, hunger, illness, mental illness, unemployment, abuse, divorce, and addiction issues. Yes the Food Bank is there to get them Food – and they do it so well. But I always get so many questions about other resources.

“I really need a winter coat for my daughter”

“I need dental work so badly and can’t afford it”

“My husband needs glasses but we can’t afford them”

“We don’t know how to manage our Debt”

I think a powerful way that your organization can help the vulnerable people in your community is for you to share on social media any resource that you are aware of that might potentially help someone in need.

There are so many community organizations here in Orangeville that offer various levels of support including local churches, government resources, organizations, etc that it can be extremely overwhelming for someone who needs help to navigate these resources. It is also not always public information what some of these organization offer in terms of support. Your organization can help the vulnerable by being a sharing “hub” of support.

You can share resources via social media by sharing other organizations posts, or even just if you come across a support service you think could be helpful to your “clients” why not share it loud and clear on social media to the masses in case that specific support can help someone.

Recent questions from clients at the Food bank had me researching some supports I never knew existed. Examples:

Assistance with Pet Veterinary Bills – The Farley Foundation

Assistance with Glasses – LensCrafters OneSight Program

Assistance with Debt Counselling (Good Professional Advice!!) – BDO Debt Counselling

If someone is struggling with Poverty – encourage them to reach out to all of the churches in your area. Most churches have assistance programs and they always vary and are rarely published.

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