Hike for Hospice – Hospice Dufferin

Hike for Hospice – Hospice Dufferin

Hike for Hospice Dufferin

Today I joined some of my friends from the Orangeville Food Bank to participate in the annual Hike for Hospice which is a Nationwide event held on the first Sunday of May. I’ve walked in the hike before, and it was a pleasure to do so again. Though today we did the full 5km and I am pretty sure that it will take me most of the week to recover!!

It was a beautiful day for the hike, and they held a lovely ceremony before we walked including lovely music and passing around of a special quilt.

Hospice Dufferin is a Non-Profit organization that offers support services to people that are facing critical illness, as well as their families. It is inevitable that in our life team each of us will face the death of a loved one. We are blessed to have a local organization that offers such support services right here in Orangeville. They offer services such as:

  • Social Work Support
  • Group Support
  • Bereavement and Grief Support

One of my favourite parts of the walk is the little wooden tokens that can be placed in the woods in memory of a loved on who has passed away.

I left one for my mom and dad on a lovely mossy rock. Grief is a strange part of life isn’t it? Never really ever goes away and it’s different for everyone. Now when I remember my mom and dad I feel a sadness but also a tremendous love. But I remember that there was a time when grief was fresh when I couldn’t even speak about it.

I’m grateful that there is an organization like Hospice Dufferin here in Orangeville and if you would still be interested in supporting the Orangeville Food Bank team you can do so here:


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