How to Better Manage High Volumes of Emails

How to Better Manage High Volumes of Emails

how to manage your inbox

How to Better Manage High Volumes of Emails

With the increase of volume in digital communications growing year after year, it is inevitable that the volumes of emails being circulated daily is growing exponentially.  There are currently an estimated 2.4 billion emails sent every second.  That is 74 TRILLION emails every year.  I feel like I get that many some days, how about you?  Here are some time on how to better manage high volumes of emails.

So what are some ways to better manage your inbox?

I recently held a Twitter Chat that discussed managing emails and inboxes and this blog post is going to share some of those tips.

At the time of that chat I was showing over 71,000 emails in my gmail inbox.  I did some work over that weekend, inspired by the twitter event, and was able to get that number down to 6,000 with a very manageable amount of recent emails.  Obviously I still have some improvement to do.  I often feel that as soon as I clean up a batch of emails, the system “barfs” again and adds another 100 to deal with.

How Many Emails Do You Get Per Day?

I personally get an estimated 200 emails on average per day.  This would include those that Gmail puts into the Social or Promotions folder.  I estimate I receive about 100 actionable emails every day.  If that number gets any higher I am going to need assistance for sure, as there is no way to keep up with that volume.

The average worker in 2020 received 121 emails daily.  It is certainly one of my most important communication tools especially in my business.  But how many emails is too many?  And how can I better manage my time and efficiency when working through such high volumes?

Other users share:

how to manage your emailunsubscribe from emails

Rebekah “80+ depending on the day”

Michael “I unsubscribe from pretty much all newsletters”

My takeaway from the conversation was to be aware of what emails I was receiving that I generally just delete.  So I’ve started taking note of those emails and unsubscribing from anything I do not read.  This includes promotional type emails.

How Often Do You Check Your Emails?

how often do you check your email

Question 3 brought some good answers, most people agreeing that we all check our emails far too often if not constantly.  I am absolutely guilty of doing this.  And I know how counter productive it is.  One of my goals is to try and adjust my schedule to check my email less, but I do find this difficult.

So how often should you check your email?

Rod Kurtz of Business Week argues that you ought to be checking your work email five times per day. “Check your inbox only five times daily–first thing in the morning, mid-morning, after lunch, mid-afternoon, and end of day. Or even less if you are capable.

What Program Do You Use to Manage Your Email?

There are many options out there with Gmail and Outlook being the most popular.  I use gmail to manage my email and have for many years.  I like that gmail has a separate folder for “social” emails from Facebook, Twitter, etc., and a separate folder for “Promotion”.  Though I do often need to still check the promotion folder as sometimes regular client emails come through there for some reason.  Gmail also has a great spam filter, and when I check my spam a few times a week rarely are there emails in there that should have come to my inbox.

From the Twitter Chat there were some great tips:

I did not realize that Gmail connected to Slack, so this was a tip I was interested in learning more about.

What are some Tips to Better Manage Email?

Lots of great suggestions here from my friends that joined #ElevateChat this is probably the best:

ruthlessness unsubscribe from emails

Other great tips on managing emails:


“either action it or delete it, and use a flagging system for ones that need to remain outstanding but file them in the appropriate folders. Have a good folder saving system as well.
 – Michael de Groot

“Clearing out my inbox has been huge for me. I have folders so I can label everything and only leave things in the inbox I need to work on, like a to do list, and star the ones that are top priority.” – Riana Teaspoon of Adventure

“Every client has a folder – all communication gets stored there. I read, deal and file. I will star emails that have an ongoing task attached to them so I don’t lose sight of it. Keeping my work inbox clear and tidy helps immensely (helps with stress too)” – Christy Beholdher.life

Try to have a clear subject to find your mails easier when looking for your mails days or week later. #ElevateChat Kind of … how would I look after this activity …” – Doris @DoPauln

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