How to Build a Community Using Social Media

How to Build a Community Using Social Media

how to build a community on social media

Day#93/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Goal Series Goal#6 How to Build a Community using Social Media

how to build a community on social media

What is a Social Media Community?

A social media community is a group of social media users that rally around a common interest or goal. Ideally your business or brand!

Why is a Social Media Community Beneficial?

Having a strong social media community is like having a strong neighbourhood of supportive friends. Your business or brand will benefit from having a strong community because you will have a loyal audience, and one that will be much more engaged.

How Can you Build a Social Media Community?

You can build your very own social media community on any of your platforms – but the most common is going to be Facebook.

Really anywhere you are gaining connections – a new follower potentially becomes part of your community. But you can take this one step further on Facebook by actually creating a GROUP. Using a Facebook Group is probably one of the most popular and successful ways to create an online community. I also love using Twitter LISTS to create and build communities.

The best way to build and grow a new connection into part of your community is through engagement! Like, comment, and share with your audience members.

Here is a great article from Hootsuite. Best point of their article: “Building a Community is a 2 way street”


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