how to connect your charity to potential givers

How to connect your charity with potential givers using social media

Day#101/365 Daily posts with tips on social media and digital marketing. This week I am working through my “Non-Profit” Series ” How Social Media Can Make the World a Better Place”.

Communicate With Potential Givers

how to connect your charity to potential givers

Is one of the goals of your charity or non-profit organization to attract new “givers” or stay in communication with those that have already contributed?

When I say “givers” this can refer to people that have donated time, money goods, or service in kind. All givers have a special place for your non profit organization. And communication is key to attract givers and keep them in your circle of support.

You can use social media as a tool in your communication strategy.

Attract Donors

Most charities need financial donations to function. There are costs of overhead, supplies, and sometimes staff. You can attract financial donations on social media by running campaigns asking for financial donations. For example if you are in Canada we have an amazing system available to us called “Canada Helps”. It is a trusted portal to use for a non profit of any size to allow online financial donations. You can then create campaigns sharing the link to your Canada Helps page and give potential donors a chance to sign up online. If you have a marketing budget then allocating a small paid facebook/instagram budget to boost your post will go a long way and you can be very specific in your targeting to reach your target “giver”

Be creative, design seasonal or special financial donation campaigns that fit your organizations marketing calendar.

Thank Donors

When you publicly thank donors via your social media channels you not only give them recognition but you are attracting others to also be interested in donating to your organization. Make sure when possible you TAG the social media accounts of the donor IF they were a business. Be careful to get permission to thank a donor as many personal donors will not want to be publicly recognized. **also follow their social media from your non-profit** this helps build and grow your community.

Attract Volunteers

You can use social media to inform the public that you are in need of volunteers, and what positions you need help with. You can also use social media to share images of your volunteers, recognize your volunteers, and show a general air of kindness, fun, and giving. This will also naturally attract potential volunteers that would love to be part of that special atmosphere.

Attract Specific Donations of Goods / Services

There is simply no better place to ask for a specific need than via social media. For example the Food Bank recently ran out of Toothpaste. This item isn’t regularly donated, and we go through a LOT. So we put out an “ask” on social media and quickly were stocked back up again by many sources of personal and business donations.

Overall what I would say the biggest benefit in using social media for your charity is that you are creating a network of loyal support that will be an ongoing and growing resource for you. Building and growing your own community is an invaluable goal and achievement in your social media strategy.

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