How to Drive Website Traffic using Social Media

How to Drive Website Traffic using Social Media

using social media for website traffic

Social Media Goal Series 2/8: Goal#2 Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

Day #89/365 Daily Tips. As I work through each goal in the series of 8 goals that I outlined in my post “Social Media Tip: Establish Goals for your Social Media Efforts” here is #2: DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE

How to use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Is one of your goals to increase traffic to your website? Then there are some great strategies that you can implement using social media tools to achieve this goal. I currently get over 50% of the traffic to this website from Social Media, with Pinterest being the number 1 referring source.

Here are some tips to use to get traffic to your website:

#1 Make sure your website URL is in all of your social media profiles

#2 Use your website in various social media posts as part of the text

#3 Use paid advertising on any of the social media platforms to increase traffic to your landing page or website

#4 If you are using Pinterest – make sure you edit your pins, and in all of the pins you possibly can include your website URL. This is where a huge portion of website traffic will come from

#5 If you are using Google My Business – add photos to your profile (and lots of them) to help get better search results and more traffic to your website.

#6 Also Google My Business – use POSTS to show current content on google and drive more traffic to your website when you include your website as the call to action


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