How to Generate New Leads using Social Media

How to Generate New Leads using Social Media

generate leads using social media

Social Media Goal Series 3/8: Goal #3 Generate New Leads using Social Media

Day#90/365 Days of Daily Tips. Today is article #3 out of my “Goal Series” that was started in the post:

Today I focus on Goal #3:

How to Generate Leads using Social Media

Is one of your business goals to generate new leads? I know mine is. To generate leads on social media the number on thing that you need to do first is to define your audience. (and you might have more than one audience).


Lead Generation is always more successful if you are strategically targeting the right audience. Once you have clearly defined the demographics of your audience, and identified their pain points, then you can move on to the next stages of your strategy. WHERE is your audience? If you are targeting real estate agents (for example), you will find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most importantly LINKEDIN. So your social media strategy might include a campaign sharing useful tips targeted to real estate agents, and focusing quite a lot of your time on building your connections on LinkedIN. You can visit my blog post : “Creating an Ideal Customer Avatar” for assistance defining your audience.


To generate leads on social media I highly suggest that you make sure that you have a very solid and professional overall online presence with consistent and engaging content being shared. Your website and landing pages should be optimized, SEO friendly and user friendly with easy and simple lead generation forms. Make sure that you have a presence anywhere that your potential customers might find you. Having a strong foundation on Social Media should be your first step before you start working on Lead Generation.


Create engaging lead generation style social media posts as part of your content plan. Your calendar should not be 100% sales posts, but mixing in one or two a week that are sales related or lead generation style are perfectly acceptable.

Lead Generation Social Media Post

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If you are looking for leads – be prepared to set aside a budget for paid advertising. This is critical for success. Generating free leads is possible, but you will be more successful if you allocate a budget to paid ads. Depending on where your audience is – that is where to spend your ad dollars. Social Media Paid Ads are much more budget friendly than any other advertising medium and will provide you with quantifiable measurable results!

The best way to generate leads using social media is through Facebook Paid Advertising in our experience for most businesses. You can either use paid boosts, or ads that push users directly to your website. There are also features that encourage ads right in messenger. So there are quite a few opportunities within Facebook (and Instagram, and all other platforms) to get leads from paid advertising. The biggest caution that I have for you is be extremely cautious if you are running the ads yourself to target your audience correctly. The biggest error we see on running paid ads is incorrect targeting. Therefore you will be wasting valuable advertising money.

Questions? I am always happy to help if I can. Email me anytime sarah@dufferinmedia.ca or hit me up on any of my social media accounts.


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