How To Get More Website Traffic to Your Blog

How To Get More Website Traffic to Your Blog

how to get more website traffic to your blog

How To Get More Website Traffic to Your Blog

How To Get More Website Traffic to Your Blog

If you are a fellow blogger like myself and are wondering how to get more website traffic to your blog, read on.  I started my blog in 2018, almost 3 years ago.  The purpose of my blog originally was to create a personal brand that allowed me to become just a little more comfortable being more visible, after a number of factors had destroyed my self image and self confidence.  As I grew in experience and confidence, my blog evolved too.  It has been a really interesting and rewarding journey.  I love the opportunity to write, and to be creative, and share my knowledge and experience.

Now in 2022 I hope to expand my blog reach and website traffic even further and to develop more resources to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers towards their goals.

How Many Blogs Are There in the World in 2022?

In 2022, there are over 600 million blogs and 1.9 billion website around the world.  There are over 6 million blog posts published every day, and more than 2.5 billion every year (source

Some blogs are an extension of a business website and used to share knowledgeable articles with their audience, and for SEO.  Some blogs are independent websites run by entrepreneurs to be their own business to generate revenue or even as a hobby.

Why Blogs?

Blogs are beneficial as a form of content marketing and highly valuable for search engine optimization and rankings, as they are creating unique content on the internet, which Google favours.

You might choose to add a blog to your business website as a method of traffic generation and a strategy towards SEO and creating content.  You might choose to create a blog for your hobby, pet, or become a blogger full time or part time.

Bloggers can choose a niche, i.e. lifestyle, beauty, parenting, or run a general blog.  This website that I have is blog based to share tips and tricks for marketing and business topics.

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5 Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Growing the amount of website visitors, or website traffic to your blog is probably one of your goals.  I know it is one of mine.  Before you get started, please make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your blog or another form to measure website statistics.  There is no point to venture out to gain more traffic if you are not measuring your analytics.  My business coach Jason Vilon always said, YOU CAN'T GROW WHAT YOU DON'T MEASURE.

I really like Google Site Kit for WordPress.  It was easy to hook up to Google Analytics and Site Console so I can see my stats when I log into my website.  It also connects to Google Adsense if you are serving ads.

Here are some ways I have been successful in growing my website traffic:

  1. Social Media

Driving traffic to your blog using the powerful tool of social media is probably the number one strategy that you can use.  Creating unique blog content can also be multipurpose to creating unique social media content.  And each blog post can lead itself to multiple social media posts.  One of my favourite strategies is to create multiple graphics in one blog post so that I can share the blog to my social media multiple times in multiple ways.

Here is an example of a blog post - main image & social media post from a recent blog "Social Media Inspiration For January". In this blog post I actually created 4 social media posts.  The main post, the January Quote, the January National Days, and the January Hashtags.  From one blog I have minimum 4 social media posts.

Sarah Clarke blog post example

And an example of a social media post created for & from the same blog post (using a second graphic that is included in the blog)

social media example

When you share your blog post to social media channels always include the link back to your blog post, except on Instagram.  On Instagram the only way to drive traffic to your blog post is to include the link in your bio either from your main page or using something like a Link Tree.  All of my social media posts for my blogs go out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as Pinterest which I'll discuss soon.

Don't forget to make sure that your social media profiles include a link to your website or blog.

2.  SEO

The second way that you can increase traffic to your blog is to learn about SEO / search engine optimization and work on implementing this to your website, and to each blog post.  Google uses over 200 factors that we know about to rank web pages.  As I slowly have learned more about SEO over the years, I realize this is about progress, not perfection.  Some key points to note when you start to work on SEO for your blog:

First, do your keyword research.  Understand WHAT keywords you wish to rank for and why.  Google Keyword planner is an excellent resource for this.  Note that a keyword can be made up of one word, or a string of words.  When starting your keyword list, you might start with 10-20 main keywords you wish to rank for.  As you grow your blog, this list will grow.  Check to see how many searches each month are done for each keyword, because spending time and effort on a keyword that gets no searches is quite frankly a complete waste of time.

Next select blog post topics that match the keywords you are trying to rank for.  You can use online blog topic generators such as Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

For example - when I put in keywords "Social Media Strategy" I get these blog topic ideas:

  • Social Media Strategy:  Expectations vs Reality
  • Will Social Media Strategy Ever Rule the World?
  • The Next Big Thing in Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy Explained in 140 Characters
  • This Week's Top Stories about Social Media Strategy

Lastly when you are creating your blog post, ensure that SEO basics are used and you include your keyword in your blog title, heading tags, alt tags, and meta tags.  If you are not sure how to do this, I suggest you learn a little more about how your blog is set up for SEO.  One of my favourite SEO tools for my blog (for WordPress) is Yoast.  It literally tells me what issues I need to fix on each blog post to help rank better for SEO.

Improving your Search Engine Optimization on your blog and ranking for popular keywords will drive more visitors to your website from Google.  This traffic is known to be of high quality, and users will spend more time on your blog, visit multiple pages, and potentially even become a subscriber or customer.

3.  Pinterest

I have Pinterest listed separately from Social Media in this list because it can be used strategically to drive a giant amount of traffic to your blog posts.  Pinterest currently sends 60% of all website traffic to my blog posts.  The trick here is to create multiple unique pins for each blog post and schedule them to multiple boards using Tailwind.  I know other bloggers have different methods, such as just pinning multiple times each day.  However for my own work flow I find it much easier to sit down once a week for an hour and do this all at once.

When you are creating your Pinterest account and boards, keep in mind that Pinterest is not just a giant search engine within itself, but is also indexed by search engines.  You can actually optimize your Pinterest BIO and the description of each board for SEO using your keywords.  In addition when you are creating PINS you can use tricks to assist in more clicks by using your keywords in addition to popular or trending tags.

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest you can purchase my ebook here for only $10 "Mastering Pinterest"

It might sound like a lot of work, but once you include this in your weekly workflow, you will be glad you did.

If you are too overwhelmed by this task, you might consider outsourcing your Pinterest Management - the team at Dufferin Media offers budget friendly Pinterest packages.

4.  Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts are a fabulous way of collaborating with other bloggers to help generate more traffic to both of your blogs.  I love collaboration by the way.  If you find the opportunity to submit a guest blog post to another site - jump on this opportunity.  You will be able to include a link back to your blog which creates a valuable backlink - valuable for SEO, AND you will get the added benefit of that bloggers website traffic, and hopefully also social media traffic.  If you are open to accepting guest blog posts you will get unique content to post to your blog and social media which will help you generate more visitors.

I am always open to Guest Blog Post opportunities so please contact me if you are interested.

5.  Twitter

I will not ever hide the fact that Twitter is my favourite social media platform and where I spend most of my free time.  I have made many lasting and valuable connections on Twitter, and it has been a wonderful tool for my business growth.  Twitter is the second largest traffic source for my blog posts.  To get more website traffic to your blog from Twitter in addition to posting your blog posts as you normally would to your other platforms, you can also do the following:

  • Schedule your blog posts multiple times to Twitter - the average person tweets 10 times per day, so posting content that is the same or similar multiple times is acceptable and useful
  • Look for blog comment threads posted by other bloggers, usually using the #Bloggers #BLoggersLoveShare #BloggersWanted etc. (see below)
  • Connect with other bloggers - they are very supportive
  • Purchase advertising from other bloggers - usually these packages are inexpensive and can have great benefit for your social media and website, in addition to getting a backlink
  • Make sure your website / blog is on your main profile.  (and of course this should be true for all social media platforms)
  • Participate in Twitter Chats which are one hour long discussions on Twitter using the same hashtag.  I got started on #TwitterSmarter , but there are many relevant to so many niches and industries.  You will quickly meet new people and ultimately get more visitors to your site.


blog post thread on twitter

So in closing I hope you have found some of these tips actionable and helpful.  I hope to grow my website traffic this year exponentially, so reviewing the basics of growing visitors has really been helpful.  If you have anything to add please comment below and let's all help each other grow.


11 Responses

  1. Fab suggestions! At the moment my main source of traffic is definitely twitter, it’s absolutely amazing! I really want to learn more about seo this year though, too. Thanks for sharing x

    • sarahclarke says:

      Twitter is high on my list for website traffic to, I love Twitter for so many reasons!

  2. Lauren says:

    These are some really helpful suggestions. I never used to write guest posts. But I am doing them more regularly and loving it. I have managed to write for blogs I haven’t read before which was from. Thank you for sharing your helpful suggestions.

    Lauren –

  3. Rayo says:

    Thank you so much for these suggestions. My biggest driver of traffic is Pinterest. I’m still learning SEO

  4. Eri says:

    Great suggestions! I am still fighting to figure out Pinterest. Twitter has been the best choice I ever did so far about blogging. It is my major source of traffic and the community support is amazing!

  5. Corinne says:

    Great post! I love it when these tactics work. I need to work on Pinterest though as I always struggle with that!

    Corinne x

  6. Jaya Avendel says:

    I love the idea of trying out the blog post idea generator! I have never used one, but I imagine it can lead to some interesting and engaging topics.

    I am working on SEO, but social media promotion has to be one of the big ones for me right now too. 🙂

  7. Great tips, Pinterest and Twitter are the main two social media I use. Thank you for sharing these awesome suggestions!

  8. Cassie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for putting this together. I am always interested in learning how to build traffic to my blog. I am making some steps but need to get consistent before I see any lasting results. It all just feels like so much sometimes. I like that you said “progress not perfection,” in relation to SEO. That’s exactly what I feel about it. I’m hoping that I get a little smarter each time I work at optimizing my posts. Such useful information all-around. Love Twitter, working on liking Pinterest.

    Thanks again!

  9. Caroline says:

    Social media is definitely my main source of traffic, although google is definitely a close second! I’m so glad my SEO has paid off 🙂

  10. Andrea Hunt says:

    This is a helpful list thank you so much! 🙂 Great ideas here to try out thanks for sharing!

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