How to grow sales and revenue using social media

How to grow sales and revenue using social media

how to grow sales and revenue on social media

Social Media Goal Series 4/8: Goal #4 Grow Revenue using Social Media

Day#91/365 Tips. Today is article #4 out of my “Goal Series” from the post https://sarahclarke.biz/social-media-tip-establish-goals-for-your-social-media-efforts/

Today we talk about how to grow your business revenue using the tools of social media.

how to grow sales and revenue on social media

Promote your Products and Services on Social Media

Whether you choose to use paid advertising or not, pushing out sales related posts on social media channels is perfectly acceptable. TELL your audience who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. Create great content, visually or even using video and post to your social media.

Promote Sales

Having a sale, a flash sale, a weekly promotion, or a special offer? What way to get the word out there in a budget friendly way than posting about your SALE on social media?

Grow Revenues in Specific Areas of your Business

One of the great ways I saw social media used was for a restaurant that had certain days of the week completely booked solid, however their early week lunches were slow. They used social media as a tool to communicate lunch specials on Monday and Tuesday and within a few weeks the word got out and the restaurant was busy during those slow times – an immediate WIN for the restaurant – an immediate increase to their revenue and bottom line.

Reduce your Marketing Expenses

Traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio and TV can be very expensive. You can use social media marketing to advertise your business at a fraction of the cost, therefore still increasing your business volumes but at the same time reducing expenses and therefore increasing your PROFITS.

Other awesome ways to use social media to increase revenue and grow your business:

  • Grow your Audience and therefore your potential customer base
  • Use social media for event marketing
  • Use social media for press releases and public relations
  • Collect leads
  • Use influencers to spread positive news about your business


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