How to Grow your Engagement Using Social Media

How to Grow your Engagement Using Social Media

how to increase engagement using social media

Social Media Goal Series 5/8: Goal #5 Grow Engagement Using Social Media

how to increase engagement using social media

Day#92/365 Tips: Today is article #5 our of my “Goal Series” from the original post:

Today we discuss how to increase your engagement using social media.

What is Engagement?

Engagement on social media
Engagement on Social Media

Engagement on Social Media refers to actions that your audience takes to interact with your business. For example on Facebook engagement is measured in terms of clicks, shares, comments, and likes. Some business owners tell me that they want to increase the number of engagements they get on social media – this goal refers to how many customers, and potential customers are actually interacting with them on social media. Interactions are very important and higher interaction and engagement will always lead to higher interactions and engagements because that is how social media platforms algorithms work.


How to Get More Engagement on Social Media

Content, Content, Content: Create awesome content that includes great images, clear attractive text, hashtags and a call to action. Consider adding some video content to your mix, as well as humour, useful tips, and motivational posts. Ask questions, create polls.

Hashtags: use popular relevant hashtags. Posts will more hashtags will always get more engagement (Likes, shares, comments)

Tag other accounts: when it makes sense to do so – tag other businesses or organizations using the @symbol Tagging another account gives them the notification that you have mentioned them – and hopefully they will share that post to their audience.

Interact yourself! The more you engage with other users on social media the more the algorithms will favour your account, and the more users will want to interact with you back.

Respond to all interactions! If someone comments on any of your content – respond!!!


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