non profit series how to use social media to communicate with government on key issues

How to use Social Media to Communicate with Government on Key Issues

Communicate with Government Bodies using Social Media

Day#104/365. Article #5/8 of my Non Profit Series. Catch all of the articles here:

non profit series how to use social media to communicate with government on key issues

Today I’d like to discuss how your charity or non-profit organization can use your social media channels to communicate with Government at various levels.

Your non-profit may or may not receive funding from Government. However I’m sure there are key issues that are driven by Government decisions that affect your organization, volunteers, and end users. In business I usually suggest to avoid conversations that are political in nature, however when you are part of a non-profit organization there are many important reasons why you might need to become involved.

Ways that you can Communicate with Government:

Post information and Articles about the Issue at Hand

Share via your social media platforms INFORMATION to your audience bringing awareness of the issue you are dealing with. There are always news articles, political articles and promotional materials being circulated online about issues that may be important to you. Share this information on your social media accounts! Here is an example of Food Banks Canada sharing information on the Federal Budget and their feedback on it.:

TAG Politicians and Political Groups Social Media Accounts

When you post via your social media accounts, when it makes sense to do so tag accounts of politicians. This achieves multiple goals including possibly getting that politicians attention, but also showing your audience who you are seeking help from.

Here is an example of a petition I created to raise awareness of a campaign in the City of Toronto. Noticed I tagged the twitter account of the Mayor, John Tory, as well as the city counsellors in the affected neighbourhoods.

Thank the Government and Politicians

When your organization receives assistance, support, donations, or has a politician attend one of your events – THANK THEM, and Tag them. Raise awareness when the Government is helping you reach your goals!

Start and Engage in Discussions – Carefully

When there is a key issue that can spark hopefully healthy debate and meaningful discussions I highly suggest your organization either start those discussions or participate in them. Always keep a respectful tone and voice. If a conversation is really controversial I suggest you stay out of it. Focus on solutions and achieving your goals. Stay out of the drama.

Wow. Hope these articles are helpful to someone out there. It has been a pleasure to work with some non-profit organizations and I’m always learning. At Dufferin Media it is our policy to give favourable discounted rates to Charities and Non-Profits for Social Media Management or other Digital Marketing Services. Feel free to reach out anytime

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