how to increase awareness for your charity using social media

How to use Social Media to Increase the Awareness of your Cause

Day#99/365 Daily Posts! This is the first article in my Non Profit Series; HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE USED TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE

Article 1/8:

How to use Social Media to Increase Awareness of your Cause

how to increase awareness for your charity using social media

If one of the goals of your non-profit organization is to increase the general awareness of your cause, then social media is the perfect tool. As is true in any business or organization, having the foundation of an online presence which includes a website, and a profile set up on all of the relevant social media platforms – your charity should also have these in place.

Once you have the social media profiles set up you can use them to push out content telling the world about your organization! The key here is going to be sharing quality content via images, videos and text that are memorable and engaging. For non-profits the more heart and humanity you use in your content the better your results will be.

To increase the awareness of your charity the next step would be to start growing your audience. Connect with and follow relevant accounts and build meaningful online relationships. The larger and more loyal your community is that you build the more engagement you will get on your content, which will increase overall reach.

In my world the word “Awareness” = REACH. So the KPI’s that should be important to you at this point are impressions, views, pageviews. The more EYEBALLS you are reaching each day, week, and month means that the general awareness of your organization is increasing.

An easy an inexpensive way to increase reach if you have a small budget is to allocate some funds towards paid facebook/instagram boosts. Even a small budget of $1 per day will help overall you achieve your goal.

The more people you connect with and engage with on all of your platforms – the higher your own engagement will be and therefore the higher your reach.

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