How to Use Twitter for your Small Business

How to Use Twitter for your Small Business

How to Use Twitter for your Small Business

How to Use Twitter for your Small Business. There are over 330 million active users on Twitter, with over 145 million of those active daily. How can you tap into this large audience and use it as part of the social media strategy if you are a small business owner?

Many local business owners do not understand how using Twitter for their small or local business could possibly benefit their business. I am usually shocked by this type of attitude as I see all of the time benefits of using Twitter. Just this week I generate 2 very strong leads for my own business on Twitter.

So let’s review some basic Twitter Information:

Twitter History

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, launched in July of that year. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity. In 2012, more than 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day, and the service handled an average of 1.6 billion search queries per day.

Current Twitter Stats

  • There are 330 million monthly active users and 134 million daily active users on Twitter.
  • 63 percent of all Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65.
  • The ratio of female to male Twitter users is roughly one to two: 34 percent female and 66 percent male.
  • There are approx 500million tweets daily

How You Can Use Twitter for Your Small Business

I manage Twitter accounts for many smaller sized businesses and in our home town of approx 30,000 population most Twitter accounts locally experience about 10,000 impressions per month from Twitter. In my opinion that is very encouraging. Impressions equal eyeballs on your business. Eyeballs mean awareness. If I had to name one of my biggest goals it is to increase awareness of my business. I want as many relevant people possible to be aware of my business – what I offer and how to reach me. Twitter is a tool that I can use in my strategy to meet that goal.  
In addition, Twitter is very engaging!  Local Twitter accounts in my experience are very interactive with each other.  There is always lots of retweets and comments on posts that use local hashtags such as #MYTOWN.

Consistent presence on Twitter grows awareness, establishes trust and will lead to a growth in your business, customers and revenues.

Benefits of using Twitter for your Business

  • Connect with relevant local individuals, businesses, and organization
  • Grow awareness of your business
  • Improve SEO for your business (Twitter is indexed by Search Engines!)
  • Drive traffic to your websiteUse Twitter Ads to get even more results!
  • Appear professional and trustworthy

Tips For Using Twitter for your Business

  • Always use your town hashtag #MyTown
  • Engage with other local businesses & accounts – comment, share, like their content
  • Post about local news & events (try sharing a no bus day announcement and watch what happens!)
  • Follow as many local accounts as possible – use the search tools!
  • Twitter is a huge news source! If you have something newsworthy be sure it makes it to Twitter. Don’t hesitate to tag your local media!
  • Use the @TAG feature as much as possible to engage with other local accounts

Twitter is my favourite social media platform as I feel it provides the most genuine engagement.  It is also is the second top traffic source for my blog.  (Pinterest is the first).
If you would like to learn more about any of the Social Media Consulting services I can offer, or any of the Social Media Management packages provided by the team at Dufferin Media please do not hesitate to email me at sarah@dufferinmedia.ca


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