Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience

know your audience
know your audience

Social Media Tip: Identify Your Audience

As part of a strategy session I had yesterday with a non-profit organization we had lengthy discussions about WHO they were trying to target with their messaging. It reminded me how important it is to clearly identify your audience before you implement any sort of marketing campaigns.

My 3 pillars to marketing success are:




In the branding process you clearly define WHO you are with your business name, logo, colour scheme, tagline, mission statement. During your branding exercises you may have done some work on identifying your ideal client. This will carry forward into your marketing strategy.

Identifying your audience before you launch a marketing campaign will help you develop messaging specific to that target audience. If your marketing goal is general awareness – then you may simply want to reach as many people aka eyeballs aka impressions as possible and then your marketing campaign will be a very broad campaign not really identifying a specific audience – rather “the entire world”

However if you have specific goals that you are trying to accomplish that involve a more niche market then identifying that audience first will set your campaign up for success. It is usually more effective in these targeted campaigns to know and understand your target audience before spending time on creating the graphics or text messaging.

So for example – the non profit that I was meeting with yesterday has an overall goal – to create awareness for the Toronto Rent Bank Program (which I will be sharing much more about in the coming months). So they want to have general awareness of this program – but then we also identified 3 audiences that are relevant to reaching that goal:

  1. Tenants / Residents that are in need of housing assistance and can use the program
  2. Landlords that recognize the cost of losing tenants and having to rerent apartments, or want to keep otherwise good tenants
  3. Agencies that assist low income residents that can refer the program

Now that there are 3 clear audiences defined I can create messaging specific to each that will be rolled out via the website and social media. And I create campaigns on Facebook/Instagram using strategic targeting to reach them. Now I can create the strategy and roll out the implementation.

If you spend the time to think about WHO specifically you are talking to when you create social media content your results will be much more successful.


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