Implementation of your Business Strategy

Implementing Your Strategy Plan

Implementation of your Business Strategy

Implementing Your Business Strategy

Day 3 / 365 Business Tips.

So on Day 1 the suggestion was to write down your business goals.  On Day 2 to create a strategy plan of action to meet each goal.  Today is the third piece of that puzzle and the most important.  Implementation.  "Knowledge is not Power.  Implementation is Power."

To even have a CHANCE to successfully meet your business goals you must take the ACTIONs required to execute your strategy plan.  What's the point of spending half an hour carefully drafting an important email if you never actually hit SEND.


What is Holding You Back?

It really hard to take that step for some reason.  Procrastination.  Fear.  Lack of funds.  Lack of time.  These can all be valid reasons....aka excuses.

What do you need to overcome to get started?  The key for me lies mostly in time management.  It is by far my greatest challenge.  What I find helps with this is the have an agenda with me at all times.  I use a paper agenda - a little old fashioned I know - but it is what works for me.  I love having colourful markers and an ongoing to do list and calendar.  I use my agenda for my strategy implementation by scheduling in the tasks that I need to do to get me closer to my goals.

Example - generating leads from LinkedIN.  In order to do this I need to commit to approximately 20 minutes of time on LinkedIN each day as per my strategy plan.  I add this to my task list each day in my agenda and whenever I start getting distracted by scrolling through Facebook or searching Pinterest for great design ideas (SQUIRREL!) I revert back to my task list to bring me back on track so each day I complete the actions required to bring me closer to success!

Sadly this final piece is where many businesses fail.

You can push past your hurdles and focus on your goals.  Take the action.  Send the email.



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