how to host a successful fundraising event

Increase Attendance at Fundraising Events

Make your Fundraiser a Success! Use the Powerful Tools of Social Media to increase awareness, participation and attendance!

how to host a successful fundraising event

Day#102/365. Article#4/8 in my Non-Profit Series. How Social Media Can Make the World a Better Place. You can read all articles from this link.

Is your non-profit organizing hosting a fundraising event? Wondering how to make it as successful as possible? You can use the powerful tools of social media to increase awareness and attendance at your event. Once you have the details of your event outlined. Who/When/What/Where/Why a few suggestions at this level – give your event a catchy memorable meaningful name that easily lends itself to a #hashtag . Create an outline of the images details that you are going to use for your event. Sometimes a fundraising event takes on a life of it’s own so it is very wise to treat it as it’s own “entity” for branding purposes. Many fundraising events have their own logo, website, colour scheme, and set of social media profiles. Depending on the SIZE of your fundraiser you might consider doing this.


Your fundraiser will really benefit from having a web presence of some form. Whether it is on it’s own domain, a page on your website, or an external landing page, having a location online for all of the pertinent information is going to be key for your success.

This is where you will direct any and all inquiries for sponsorships, volunteers, participants, and more so keep that in mind when creating it. And at the very least information on When/Where/Why/How/Who should be included as well as contact information.

Use the landing page URL for your fundraising website on all print information, and social media posts.


Next I suggest you set up a Facebook Event Page. **note the cover image photo size is 1920 x 1080 pixels**. The event page is a special way that you can connect with everyone participating in your event. You can invite all of the people that like your Facebook Page to attend your event, as well as all of your personal friends on Facebook. In addition it is easy, and reasonably priced to BOOST your event so people that do not already like your page can see the event and have the opportunity to click on “interested” or “going”. A $100 budget to boost an event will probably reach approx 10,000 people or more, depending on the sharing and interaction.

Once a Facebook user has clicked on interested or going they will see new posts made in your event page via email and on their news feed.


Use all of your other platforms to share information on your upcoming event, thank sponsors, and do your “asks” (i.e. for volunteers, sponsorships etc). Twitter and Instagram are great platforms for events.

Link back all social media posts to your event website. Use a consistent hashtag. i.e. #MyEvent2019


Feature the exciting activities that will be happening on the day of your event. Thank your sponsors, thank your location, thank your volunteers. Wherever possible TAG others using the @symbol **especially sponsors!!**

Explain the benefit of your fundraiser, use emotion and honesty.

On the days leading up to the event it is acceptable to post more frequently, and certainly the day of – have live and ongoing social media coverage. Monitor all platforms for user posts and engagement. Share, retweet, like and comment on all interaction and always include the hashtag for your event.

When you post something on your Event Page when relevant share to your main Facebook Page.

In closing I know that many non profits and charities need fundraising events to work towards their organizational goals. I have participated in a few very successful fundraising events and if you ever have any questions I’d be happy to help answer them please don’t hesitate to email me

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