Instagram Tip Comment on Popular Posts

Instagram Tip Comment on Popular Posts to Increase your own Engagement

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram: Comment on Popular Posts

Day #41 / 365 of Tips! Subscribe to my blog for daily tips delivered to your inbox! Tip for today – if one of your goals is to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram one of the strategies you can use is to comment on popular posts that are relevant to your audience. You find these posts by searching for your relevant keywords aka #Hashtags. Follow these hashtags. Find the TOP posts done using your keyword and comment on them. Simple strategy – but it works. It will help you gain followers and increase your own reach. More followers = more impressions = more engagement on your own Instagram Account.

How often should I comment on posts on Instagram?

Generally I go in about 3 times per week and search up my keywords / #hashtags and find the top posts that I feel are relevant to my own account and I comment something genuine on the posts that have received a lot of likes and comments. While I’m in there if there are other accounts that have been actively interacting on that same post I will usually follow a few of them too.

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