Instagram Tip Follow Your Own Hashtag

Instagram Tip: Follow your own Hashtag

Day#130/365. Here is a fun and easy tip to help you build and grow your Instagram Account; follow your own hashtag!

Instagram Tip Follow Your Own Hashtag

Do you have your own hashtag?

The first step in this is to make sure that you are using a hashtag that is unique to your business, i.e. #sarahclarkebiz or #dufferinmedia

Use this hashtag in all of your content, and on all platforms.

Why would I follow my own Hashtag?

Following your own hashtag is a form of social listening. You will be able to monitor any posts that others make about your business or your brand and engage with those people accordingly. It is a great way to build engagement and have control over what is happening related to your business on Instagram.

Another Quick Tip:

Follow the hashtags of your competition – so you have an extra EDGE over what is being said about their business on social media. No harm ever done in knowledge and this can be useful and friendly information too. For example you might be a restaurant planning a kids eat free night, but you follow your competing restaurant nearby and realize they already have one on Tuesday – so this gives you very useful information to hold your kids eat free night a different night.

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