International Cat Day

International Cat Day

International Cat Day

International Cat Day

International Cat Day

August 8th is International Cat Day!

Social Media Tip

Include “national” and “international” days of celebration in your content calendar to increase engagement and have some fun!

Make sure you use the hashtag for the day that may be trending especially for Twitter and Instagram. As you can see in real time #InternationalCatDay is currently trending #3 in Canada. You could also use hashtags like #cats #catday #lovecats #Ilovemycat for further exposure.

It’s not just about the trending and the engagement that this can create on social media though. Using daily celebrations effectively can help your overall business and marketing efforts. If you look ahead to what is coming up in the coming weeks and even for next month as you plan your content you can create entire marketing campaigns around these national days. For example if you own a pet food store you could create an entire campaign around International Cat Day with a photo contest, sales on cat food, adoption campaigns and so much more.

To find out what daily celebrations are coming up I use these two websites:



The team at Dufferin Media uses websites like this at least a month in advance to help our clients plan out social media posts, and potentially even entire marketing campaigns around daily celebrations.


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