monday motivation

It’s Monday Get your Game Plan on for the Week

Monday Motivation

Day#96/365 Daily Tips. It’s Monday the start of a new week. What a perfect time to sit down and write out your goals and game plan for the week! I am a huge fan of actually doing this on Sunday – preparing myself for Monday and fresh new week ahead. I love looking at the week with a game plan. With any other work I do this always starts with me asking myself, “Okay Sarah, what are your goals for this week”. Then coming up with a plan of action, a game plan, a strategy.

The next step is to schedule the actions that I want to take from a task list / to do format into my actual agenda.

monday motivation

Having a game plan – a clear to do list, listing each day the tasks that I need to accomplish to get me closer to my goals is a critical process in my life to keep pushing me forward towards my dreams for success.

It also dramatically improves my time management and reduces the time I might otherwise spend on distractions. If I find myself randomly scrolling through Facebook, I turn back to my task list and reset so I’m back on track.

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