Business Feature: Johanis Karate School

Business Feature: Johanis Karate School

Johanis Karate School Orangeville

Business Feature: Johanis Karate School

Business Feature: Johanis Karate School

Johanis Karate School in Orangeville, Ontario, has been servicing the community for 20 years.  My son attended Karate at Johanis when he was a little guy, and I always remember him saying "and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE" after every lesson.  I realized then it was way more than a physical activity, but a program to encourage becoming a better person.  It was an amazing experience.  In the years since I was blessed to get to know the family more through our daughters as they attended the same Voice studio and had the opportunity to perform together on occasion.

Johanis Karate School recently changed locations and is now located in the Mill Street Hub (formally known as the Mill Street Mall).  Not only have they expanded into a new location, they now also offer Youth Boxing!

I'm pleased to celebrate these committed local community business owners on this feature.


Business Name Johanis Karate School
Business Owner Name John and Elyse Johanis
Location Orangeville, Ontario Canada
Social Media Links Facebook




Main contact name Elyse Johanis
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  What problem does your business solve?  How did you get started in business? We are a traditional Martial Arts School, teaching self-defense and self-awareness, in a high energy, positive and rewarding context. 

We strive to help young people become respectful human beings, knowing we must earn respect by giving respect. Our JKS community provides a protective factor for our members by being an inclusive, safe place to connect both socially and emotionally during not only difficult times, but always. We support our students to develop the strength of character to succeed. 

Twenty years ago, we combined John’s Martial Arts and Elyse’s Social Work/Psychology Education to create a school where students would learn both self-defense and self-awareness.

Survive through this last leg of the pandemic and continue to provide support both mentally and physically to those who need it. We also strive to increase our community partnerships to reach more people and to increase awareness of how beneficial our program is for everyone, of all ages and abilities.  
Current business challenges The pandemic has been our most challenging time, but even through these past two years, so many members of our amazing village have remained steadfast to keep going, showing perseverance and positive attitude, training online, outside and in-person when safe.

Thank you for reading and celebrating with me these amazing local entrepreneurs.  See below some photos from their social media, be sure to connect with them!  And please comment below your experiences with Johanis Karate School.


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Johanis Karate School


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