how to manage online reviews

Negative Review Management

how to manage online reviews

No business wants to have to think about negative reviews - but inevitably every business will have to face this problem - it is a matter of when - not IF.

No matter how carefully and cheerfully you service your customers - there just are some people out there that you will not be able to please and will bring their distress to your online platforms.

It is highly suggested that you think about how you will deal with a negative review before you get one.  In fact having review policies and procedures in place NOW is a way to prevent panic when & if you get a negative review.  You can handle all reviews professionally and effectively - both good and bad.


Example of a response to a negative review:

"Thank you Joe for taking the time to leave us a review.  We are very sorry to hear you did not have a good experience.  We take our customer service very seriously.  Please call our manager - Kelly at 555-555-1442 and she will personally address your concerns immediately."


You have received a negative review - now what?  To be honest it really does not matter whether the customer is right, wrong, or even exists at all.  (yes we are getting phantom negative reviews sometimes via Google especially).

The absolute BEST PRACTICE is to respond immediately - apologize, and ask the person leaving the review to contact your business offline.  It is NOT best practice to engage in any form of argument, rebuttal, or explanations.  Trust me we have seen this time and time again and regardless of who is right or wrong - the business always comes across as the bad guy.

Be professional  Be prompt Take it Offline

Still having issues with an unhappy customer - or they are really taking things way too far?  You do have protection against customers damaging your reputation online.  This is illegal and you do have protection.  You can consult your lawyer and look into what remedies are available.  Here are some links to related articles:


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