Non-Profit Feature: Family Transition Place

Non-Profit Feature: Family Transition Place

Non-Profit Feature: Family Transition Place

Non Profit Feature:  Family Transition Place Orangeville

Every week I am going to feature a non-profit organization on my blog and social media. This week I am sharing about a local organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

Currently I am working with Family Transition Place (FTP) in Orangeville on two event fundraisers that they have in September. The Ferguson Memorial Walk, and the Hope Project. Two very powerful and meaningful community events.

Recently I visited the FTP offices for a meeting. Was asked if I had ever been there before. Yes I had. About 16 years ago I had been a victim of domestic violence and the Family Transition Place was there to help me with counselling, legal and financial advise. So I think you can perhaps understand why I was eager to come on board to assist in any way that I could give back to an organization who was there for me when I needed them.

Domestic violence, and especially against women in Canada is a huge problem. Check out these statistics from a CBC feature:

About Family Transition Place

Family Transition Place offers so much more than just a women’s shelter. They offer support services to victims of domestic abuse including counselling, second stage housing, programs and education in the community and in the schools. They offer a 24 emergency support line:

Help is just a phone call away. If you would like more information about staying at our Shelter, please call us at 519-941-HELP / 905-584-HELP or 1-800-265-9178 to speak with the counsellor on duty about your situation.

About The Ferguson Walk

It has been a privilege to assist with this years walk. It is going to be quite a community focused / family focused day for people of all ages and though I never knew Heidi personally I believe this is a wonderful tribute to her memory.

On September 12, 2009 Heidi Lee Ferguson, nee Bogner, lost her life due to a tragic domestic dispute with her estranged husband. In remembrance of her life, the Ferguson Memorial Walk was created to raise awareness and prevent future violence against women and has raised $120,000 in support of FTP.

About the HOPE Project

The HOPE Project’s mandate is to raise money and awareness to help promote equality and end violence against women. Each September, we host a fall fundraiser in which HOPE is the common theme, uniting our community in making a difference.

This year the Hope Project features keynote speaker Lani Elliot. Lani was the victim of a terrible act of domestic violence and will attend this year to share her incredible story.

The HOPE Project is at Hockley Valley resort Friday September 27th and I am grateful to have been asked to attend.

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