Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

non profit feature good will karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

This heartwarming story was brought to our attention by the non profit organization All Paws Rescue based out of Brampton, Ontario. All Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals – founder Michelle Borg and her team take in strays, the sick, the unwanted, nurses them back to health and adopt them out, all with the help of more than 200 foster homes across the GTA.

To the story now comes this young man – Will Finch. Will is an animal lover who is dedicated to saving animals.  He support three rescues – All Paws Rescue plus a dog and horse rescue.  He requests donations for those rescues in lieu of birthday gifts as well as Canadian Tire money and product donations.  A few weeks ago he presented All Paws Rescue with a $500 donation, plus lots of food, litter and toys – all from a 10 year old!!

The story of Dakota

Dakota came to All Paws Rescue in serious medical distress and needed expensive surgery to survive. With the amazing donation from Will – the organization was able to get Dakota the surgery and save his life.

Dakota is now happily settled into a furrrrever loving home, thanks to Will.

Good Will Karma on Breakfast Television

On Tuesday, February 18th at 6am, Breakfast Television is going a feature on Good Will Karma, tune in an hear more about this beautiful story.

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