Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

Non Profit Feature Hilton's Heroes

It is truly amazing how the universe works.  I grew up in a home environment that was financially insecure, and my family had to access the services of our local food bank here in Orangeville.  When I grew up and shortly after I started my business, Dufferin Media, which offered social media management services to small businesses, I recognized the desire within me to give back.  I felt inspired to give back to the very organization that helped my family when I was younger.  I volunteered to assist them with their social media accounts, but that quickly grew into volunteering in other areas such as event promotion and doing client intake on Tuesdays.  Thus began my journey in giving.  I have learned so much about myself, and what is important in the world.  I know now that one of my primary goals is to work with more non-profit organizations and charities to help them grow and expand the amazing work they are doing in order to help more people and bring even more good, love, and joy to the world, and to help the most vulnerable populations rise up.

I am relaunching my weekly non-profit feature, and would like to feature today a non-profit organization that I have recently been blessed with working with.  This is the first article in the series, which I will publish every Sunday. If you are interested in being featured please email me sarah@dufferinmedia.ca


Hilton's Heroes

Maisha Mapya means "New Life" in Swahili, and that is the name of the school that this foundation built.  It is appropriate in so many ways.

Hilton's Heroes is a division of Living Stone Global Foundation.  It is an organization that recognized a desperate need for help in a small community in Kenya.  Near the city of Nakuru, Kenya there is a slum called "Hilton" where thousands of people live off of a dump site.  The founders of Living Stone Global, Dave and Kim Hatfield,  answered the cry for help coming from the small children of the slum, and created a school there - aptly named "Maisha Mapya" which means NEW HOPE.  The school services young children and gives them not just education, and food, it gives them self confidence, joy, and a chance to change the poverty cycle for themselves and their families.


non profit feature hiltons heroes

How You Can Help

The first goal of this organization that I think is very important is to raise awareness of what they are doing in Kenya.  Please connect with them and share their stories with your friends and loved ones.

Website:  www.hiltonsheroes.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HiltonsHeroes/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiltonsheroes/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiltonSheroes

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoqX8nqp2rjUzPNmLQWVQFQ

Secondly the organization is trying to help the entire community at Hilton's Slum in Nakuru during COVID19, where they have been deeply impacted by the shut downs of all local hotels and restaurants.  Normally the residents of the slum rely on the food brought to the dump site to feed themselves and their families. They have partnered with an organization that is able to provide meals for just 8cents each.  More information on this video:

Finally if you are interested in Sponsoring a child please visit https://www.hiltonsheroes.org/sponsorship/

Rebranding to Living Stone Global

I also want to share with you that as part of the work that I am doing we are working on rebranding the organization for digital marketing purposes over to the name "Living Stone Global".  The name and brand Hilton's Heroes will not disappear, just be strategically incorporated into a new website that will better service the needs and goals of the organization to help even MORE of those in need.  The social media accounts if you like and follow them will not disappear, so please follow and engage with the accounts!  So please watch for this exciting change coming soon.


I challenge you to watch the videos on the Youtube Channel that I linked above to learn more about this organization and the amazing things they are doing for the community they serve.  They "Heroes" of Hilton are not just the founders and those involved in the organization, the heroes are the members of the community themselves, the children and the families, the young leaders and teachers, and obviously the heroes are also the ones sponsoring the children.


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