Non Profit Feature: The Orangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature: The Orangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature The ORangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature: The Orangeville Food Bank

Non Profit Feature The ORangeville Food Bank

Good morning friends thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m excited to feature the non profit organization that is nearest and dearest to my heart – the Orangeville Food Bank. I started volunteering at the Orangeville Food Bank 6 years ago when I noticed that they could perhaps use some assistance with their Facebook posts. I offered to help, and was quickly enwrapped in their cause (and by their hugs!!); To feed and help the most vulnerable members of our community.

I was born and raised in Orangeville, and experienced financial insecurity as a child, and my own family needed the resources of the food bank when I was young. There is nothing more meaningful to me than the gift to be able to give back what was so freely given to my family.

Now in addition to assisting with the social media management for the Orangeville Food Bank, I am also on the Coldest Night of the Year committee and I volunteer to do weekly client intake on Tuesdays.

Working directly with clients has humbled me. It is not always easy as I sometimes take on their case emotionally and have shed a few tears on their behalf. The fact that their are so many vulnerable, homeless, hurting, and hungry members of my home town breaks my heart. So I do my small share by volunteering and using my skills to spread awareness.

As a non-profit organization, the Orangeville Food Bank has gone through many changes in the 6 years since I became a volunteer. Not only do they supply food for our clients, they have established a food share program that assists agencies in our area help provide food to other towns, churches, and shelters.

One of the biggest changes for sure has been the demand and the number of clients and food. Month after month I am astounded at how busy, and how much busier the food bank gets with new clients.

I also see that the generosity of our community gets bigger every year, and the number of individuals, families, groups, organization and businesses that support the food bank is absolutely heartwarming. There is good in the world and I see it every week when I am at the food bank. From the hugs I get from fellow volunteers, to the hugs I am able to give clients, to the support our community gives to us. It’s incredible.

So at this time of year, when the need is growing, and the awareness is heightened due to Thanksgiving and Christmas if you are interested in helping the Orangeville Food Bank you can donate food either directly at the facility during open hours, or at any grocery store in town.

Here is a list of their most recent “most needed” items:

Alternatively monthly donations via Canada Helps are also critically needed to sustain the overhead of the food bank and keep the doors open. You can do so securely here:


And stay tuned for more information on the Coldest Night of the Year Event which is the big fundraiser coming up in February 2020.


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