Nonprofit feature: BHelpful Love

Nonprofit feature: BHelpful Love

nonprofit feature bhelpful love

Nonprofit feature: BHelpful Love

 I loved connecting with and learning about this nonprofit organization because it genuinely is inspired by love.  The focus on assisting seniors spoke to my own heart and memories of my own Nana and Grandmother, and how often I feel that seniors just are not appreciated enough or cared for enough. Here in Ontario during the COVID19 Pandemic Seniors in Long Term Care homes were the hardest affected, with the high infection rates and death tolls.  I hope it has opened peoples eyes that seniors need us more than ever in their later years.  They gave so much to us.  It is our turn to return the favours.



B Helpful Love is a 501 c 3 Nonprofit Organization started  July 2019 by Natasha White in honor of her late grandmother Bernstein " Ms. Bunny" Irby.  B Helpful Love is geared towards assisting the Senior and Homeless community in Mecklenburg and surrounding communities.  

Our organization is dedicated to feeding and clothing the homeless, assisting seniors with daily needs, such as providing transportation to and from appointments, a and a literary program. 
The organization is in need of financial assistance, in the purchase of a van to provide transportation, also for food, toiletries, and tablets for the literacy program and volunteers.
Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, , we are in great need of volunteers and financial assistant.
From their website:

Helping Seniors Live Their Golden Years With Ease

B Helpful Love is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that assists the senior community with everyday living in Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. In July 2019,  Natasha White, established the organization to honor her late grandmother Bernestine “Ms.Bunny” Irby. She was a woman admired and loved by her community. Natasha seen how she endured the struggles of getting assistance with simple things such setting doctor's appointments, financial hardships, understanding how and when to complete Medicaid forms, having to go to churches to get food boxes and more.







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