Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

out of sight out of mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I recently was looking for information on a local business that I recalled I used to see quite a lot of action from on social media and had honestly nearly forgotten about them altogether.

When I visited their Facebook Business Page they had not made a post in 3 months.  I wondered then if they were still in business?  And because I was in a bit of a hurry, as many of us are these days I got frustrated and abandoned my search.

This led me to thinking about how quickly when something is out of sight it is out of mind.  And how quickly one can forget about a business if they are not consistently active and engaging on social media.

This is a tried and true marketing strategy that dates well back to when stores would place weekly ads in their local paper.  They knew then, as is true now – you must be in front of your customers all of the time in order to thrive as a business. 

Did you know it takes the average person 11 times to see a post on social media before they will remember / retain information about the business?

In today’s fast paced world of Social Media, consumers see so much content every day on multiple platforms.  Think of how many posts you scroll through in a day.  How can you make your business (or organization) stand out from all of the noise?


Be Consistent In your Social Media Posting Schedule


Make sure that you are posting on social media in a consistent and reliable way.  This means having a strategy in place to make sure that on a regular basis you are sharing content to all of your social media platforms.  The bare minimum in my experience to stay relevant is 3 times per week.  The more the better, though be careful not to OVER SHARE.  That is another mistake that can cause you to lose audience members quickly.


If you are struggling with what to post I suggest you start planning out your content in advance using a content calendar, and schedule it via an automated tool such as Hootsuite.  Use a mix of valuable content for your audience such as real photos of your business and or team members, share company updates, stay engaged as much as possible.  Do not use your social channels to be a 100% sales medium.  The old school “advertising” methods no longer apply.  You need to build relationships and add value on a regular basis.  This is the key to success.


If you need help – outsource this task to a reliable company like www.dufferinmedia.com who have been helping companies with social media marketing since 2012.

Do not Allow your Social Media Channels to Go Silent


Whatever you do please do not allow your social media channels to ever go silent.  Not only does your audience forget about you – but so do the algorithms on each social media platform.  This means that when you do try to post again your content will not be shown to as many people as you might otherwise get in front of your content – even if they are following you.


If you abandon your social media, if even for a few months – any work you have previously put into building favourable engagement in the algorithms will be lost.  And furthermore just like in my original example, a potential client when landing on your social media may suspect the worst….that your business is closed.


Silent social media = a silent business!


Engage, Engage, Engage!


The More you ENGAGE on Social Media the more Engagement you will get.  This fundamental truth applies to all social media networks; Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram and Pinterest.  Trust me.  If you engage from your business with others – your engagement will increase.  You will be more visible, more relevant, and more top of mind.  When people see you participating in conversations in a valuable way – they will remember your business.


So most of all – my message is this to grow your business successfully using the powerful tools of social media – be as visible as possible.  Show up consistently, engage, and watch your numbers grow.

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  1. Though I always try to conect and engage on a regular basis, never knew about this amazing number 11. Thanks for sharing this brilliant post , Sarah. It will help me schedule my posts in a more organized way now.

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