Podcast: Starting a Business Ideas and Steps to Take

Podcast: Starting a Business Ideas and Steps to Take

Starting a new Business Ideas and Steps to take

Podcast: Starting a Business Ideas and Steps to Take

I recently had the pleasure and honour of being a guest on the Podcast, Lead with Relationships.  The host, Brent Johnson and I discussed starting a new business, some ideas and steps to take for new business owners.  We touched on ideas for branding, creating a business and marketing plan, and even defining your ideal client.

Transcript from part of our conversation:

Brent: Yeah. And that’s a good point.

I think when we say business plan, I think a lot of people default to a multi-page document that has charts and graphs and all this crazy stuff. But to the point you just made. That really does not have to be the case, a business plan. If it’s just for you to get started, it can be a document that changes and you modify it as you go.

As you think of new ideas, you add to that document. It can really just be something to move you forward in your ideation process. And you mentioned a while ago, creating a logo and all of that can just be something to get started.

Sarah Clarke: Absolutely. But I think it’s important to think about it at the beginning, because I have seen businesses where they get a couple of stages ahead and they’re ready to do the next steps, but really their logo and their color scheme that they created as not suitable for what they’re trying to do with their brand.

Perhaps name their website or social media with a name that isn’t consistent with the rest of what they’re trying to do. So it’s great to define those things first and say, this is my business name. This is my logo. This is my color scheme. This is my font set. This is my tagline. So it’s just there.

Even if it’s written on a whiteboard in a room, like they can follow that and it will make everything flow so much easier.

If you are interested in learning more about Branding for a new business - check out my Branding Foundations Guide

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