Sarah Clarke Partners with Women Boss Society

Sarah Clarke Partners with Women Boss Society

Sarah Clarke partners with Women's Boss Society
Sarah Clarke partners with Women's Boss Society

I am so excited to make this announcement!!! I have partnered with the founders of the Women Boss Society to help them launch their Members Only Group. The Women Boss Society was founded by two sisters based out of New Zealand who have a passion for business and helping fellow female entrepreneurs. They are recruiting like minded women all over the world to help empower each other to start and grow their own businesses.

The initial response to the society is extremely exciting. In just a few short months, the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/womenbosssociety/ has reached over 13,000 followers, and the Instagram Account over 21,000 followers https://www.instagram.com/womenbosssociety/

Coming next we will be launching the Members Only Group. If you are interested in joining this please add your email to the list to receive your invitation:


As part of their team, I will be offering my consulting services through their members only portal as will other specialists in various fields. I will also be submitting articles and videos on Digital Marketing. Other initial team members include a time management coach, a tax specialist, and a life coach. All women who share the same desire to help other women succeed.

I also look forward to assisting the Women Boss Society launch onto other social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIN and Pinterest.

Joining the team at Women Boss Society matches my personal values and goals completely as I endeavour to expand my business and connections globally and use my skill set to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

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