Set Business Goals

Set Business Goals

Goal Setting for your business Goal Setting Quote

Welcome 2019!  This year I am changing the format of my blog.  I started off last year sharing “National Days” and had lots of fun with it.  This year I will share 365 Tips on my blog that will all relate to Business, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Blogging.  I’m very excited, I have already prepped 31 tips for January and can not wait to start sharing!

Here is the first tip:

Day 1 of 365 Business Tip – SET GOALS

Since it is the very first day of a new year what better time than to take a high level view of your life and your business and to re-establish your GOALS.  A business that sets GOALS and writes them down is statistically proven to be more successful than a business that has no goals.

It doesn’t matter what your business is – how big or small – full time or part time.  What matters is that you put down on paper and out to the universe what your goals are.

In my business when I have any conversation with a client it almost always revolves around their goals.  Once I have a goal to work with – it is then easier to develop a strategy to work towards that goal.  I usually work in 3 steps;

  • Goal
  • Strategy
  • Implementation

What is a Goal?

An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.

Example “I want to double my business revenue by the end of 2019”

“I want to increase my leads per month from 10 to 15”

“I want to increase my blog readers by 25% this month”

Why Set a Goal?

Setting a goal gives your business focus and direction.  Now each and every decision that you make going forward you can tailor to whether it is in line with your goal.  You will be less likely to get distracted on other paths when you have a clear and defined goal.

I’ve Set a Goal Now What?

That will be the topic of tomorrow’s blog post so come back to read about Strategy



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