share good news stories

Share Good News Stories and Inspire Others to Do Good.

Day #100 of Daily Tips & Articles. This is article #2/8 in my “Non-Profit Series” HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE — USED TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE

share good news stories

Share Good News Stories and Inspire Others to do Good

Social Media is a powerful communication tool that can be used to share GOOD news stories. There certainly is enough negative content online in the world today. We can make the World a better place by helping to share and engage in GOOD news!

You can make this part of the social media strategy for your non-profit organization by sharing actual events of good that you experience.

For example at the Orangeville Food Bank I recently shared a true story of a client coming in and desperately seeking help to find her mother a wheelchair. When the director of the Food Bank made a few calls – a member of the community stepped up and we were able to make arrangements quickly for a wheelchair to be delivered to the nursing home. The community member gave me permission to share the story on social media in the hopes that it might inspire someone else to also “do good”.

Our community LOVED this story and it went somewhat viral with 46 shares and 266 likes reaching over 8,000 people. (on Facebook). People LOVE good news, and positive stories, and this helps Inspire more good.

Love leads to love

Kindness leads to kindness

Good leads to good.

And doesn’t it feel good to be able to share these types of stories with your audience?

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