Social Media Content Tip: Share Funny Comics

Social Media Tip: Share Funny Comics

Day#136/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Tip: Here is a great content idea – share funny comics on your social media profiles! (If it fits into your brand) it is okay to lighten up once in a while and share some funny comics. Show something that is humorous and relevant to your business. For business I love Calvin and Hobbes or Dilbert really anything you search is fun to use.

funny business comic about mission statement

Why use comics? They are light and usually relatable. The use of Comics in your social media content strategy is similar to using infographics. Using comic style visuals provide your audience with content they can relate to. Comic visuals also have the potential to become viral, as they have a higher potential to be shared.

If you have the ability to create your own comic that is even more fun and creates digital assets you can use for multiple purposes.

Hashtags to use:

#FridayFunny #fun #comedy #lightenup #humour #humor #funny #lol #smile

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