Social Media Inspiration for May

Social Media Inspiration for May


Social Media Inspiration for May

Social Media Inspiration for May

As you plan out your social media posts for May, I'd like you to consider the following:

What are my business goals?  This month, this year, in the next five years.

How can my social media posts & content reach these goals?

What content can I share to help build relationships & awareness.  Show the authentic side of my business?  The Human Side.

Planning out your social media content in advance can not only save you time, stress, and energy, it allows you to strategically maximize the reach and engagement of planning content that matches what will be trending that month.

So if your goal is to increase reach, get more engagement, and ultimately get more website traffic, followers, customers and revenue - read on.


May Quote
May National Days

May National Days

Using National Days in your social media content plan is an easy way to tap into topics that will be trending on the day of the post.  You can use national days to have fun, or the opposite to tap into serious issues and show your support for various causes and issues.

I often refer to the website NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR to research what national days might suit my audience, and to use for my clients.

Remember to use the corresponding hashtags as they are often trending on Instagram and Twitter.

National Day posts tend to get more reach and engagement and are a great "social" style of post where you are authentically trying to connect with your audience.

MAY NATIONAL DAYS you might be interested in posting about include (but are not limited to)

May 4 - International Fire Fighters Day

May 5 - World Password Day

May 8 - Mother's Day

May 12-International Nurses Day

May 15-World Baking Day

May 18-Buddha Day

May 20-International Red Sneakers Day

May 22-International Being You Day

May 23-World Turtle Day

May 23-Victoria Day (Canada)

May 25-International Plastic Free Day

May 30-Memorial Day (USA)

May 31-World Parrot Day


There are quite a few National Days and other celebrations in the month of April, and certainly a few of them might suit your business and your audience.  Also watch for local holidays and celebrations that may be worth posting about too.  

trending may hashtags

May Hashtags

Doing your research on what hashtags to use can be a valuable strategy to increase your reach and engagement across all social media platforms.  Learn more about hashtags.

Certain hashtags may be trending for a day, or might just be more popular overall.  Historically the most popular Hashtags on Instagram are:

  • #Love
  • #Fashion
  • #PhotoOfTheDay
  • #Beautiful
  • #Photography
  • #PicOfTheDay
  • #Happy
  • #Follow

If you are interested in what is trending on Twitter, which I check daily you can visit

Or another tool I love is Tweeplers

The benefit of using popular hashtags in your social media posts is that people often search for or click on those hashtags MORE than other hashtags, resulting in more reach and engagement for your social media posts.

Suggestions for May Hashtags

#May #Spring #MothersDay #Moms #Mayday #Flowers #Gardens #MothersDayGift #Gifts #CincoDeMayo

#MothersDayEveryday #Mothers #Springtime #Love #Photography #May2022

#Family #LongWeekend #VictoriaDay #Sun #Nature #HappyMothersDay


***PRO TIP** format your hashtags using #CamelCase for web accessibility!!!

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  1. Riyah Speaks says:

    This post is really helpful as I am currently working on my May Calendar and June. I’d also add that anything with Mental Health Awareness Month is popular too!

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