Social Media Is Not a Sales Pitch

Social Media Is Not a Sales Pitch

social media is not a sales pitch

Social Media Is Not a Sales Pitch

Guest blog post by Maria Marchewka “Social Media Is Not a Sales Pitch”

Social Media Isn’t a Sales Megaphone

Now more than ever consumers have a low tolerance for brands who treat social media as their megaphone and continually try to sell with every post. 

It’s for this reason that brands need to not only respect their audience, but the platform they’re publishing and treat it as a relationship builder and not a continuous sales pitch. 

This requires a shift in mindset from content that overtly sells to content that educates, entertains, etc. 

Here are three ways that companies large and small can start to take a more consumer-centric approach to their social media strategy. 

Tell Your Story

As American Business Executive, Beth Comstock once said, “If you can’t tell anything, you can’t sell anything.”

This quote points to the idea that as marketers, we have to create content that adds value to the end user’s life.

This can be done through storytelling.

Many marketers focus on WHAT their product/service can do. They share the particulars and the nitty-gritty details that don’t really offer the consumer much value when it’s all said and done. 

In reality, marketers should be focusing on WHY someone should want to buy their product/service and tell a story to bring their brand to life. 

Help them visualize through your content how they can use what you’re offering in their life.

For instance, let’s say you sell a travel mug. Instead of saying how many ounces of liquid it holds or the colors it comes in, why not talk about how it’s perfect for those cold, fall mornings at your kid’s soccer game? 

Create a story that makes them the main character to help them understand and see how your product/service can enhance their lives. 


Humanize Your Handle

Humanizing your social media handles can help you build your brand and create a strong bond with your community.

When you interact with consumers via social, you want it to feel like a human being is behind the handle! 

Show emotion. Use the language that resonates with your audience. Be personable!

Doing so will help build real, genuine relationships with your audience which will in time, result in sales if you’re selling a quality product/service. 

Exercise Empathy

The best way to attract customers is to become your customers.

Take the time to understand what makes them tick and practice empathy.

When you can tap into their mindset you’re more apt to get a grasp on the messaging and the type of content that resonates best with them.

How do you figure this out?

You ask them questions, you become part of the community, but most importantly, you LISTEN to what they’re saying.

Think about it, would you react well to content that’s constantly trying to sell you on something?

The answer to that question is probably no, so why would you think your audience would tolerate it if you don’t?

If you continue to treat your social as a sales megaphone, you’ll get some likes on your posts, but they probably won’t do the action you REALLY want them to do which is buy your product.

The point here is to create content that’s interesting and provides value on a consistent basis because quick wins on social are fleeting. 

The real game changer is when you see your business and marketing efforts as a marathon and not a sprint. 

In doing so, you’ll work to create and nurture relationships with your target audience, get creative with your content, and see the world through the eyes of the consumer.   

I’d like to thank Maria Marchewka, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist, for submitting this guest blog post. You can connect with Maria on her website: https://mariamarchewka.com/ or via Twitter https://twitter.com/_MariaMarchewka

She is right on point with her article – Social Media is so much more effective if you use it to tell your story, empathize with your audience, and be human. Thank you Maria!!!


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