Social Media – the danger of abandoning your social media efforts

Social Media – the danger of abandoning your social media efforts

social media management the negative impact of ignoring your social media

Welcome to our brand on social media…….we had done a little bit of posting in 2014, then hired someone to do some in 2016, then had a cousins uncles friend post a bit in 2017…..and now we kind of forgot about it.  And now our brand is a ghost town.  Probably on and offline.

You’ve forgotten or abandoned your social media?  Guess what?  Many customers will forget about your business too.

Social Media and the online presence of your business requires ongoing consistency and commitment.  It is literally as important to the ongoing success of your business as stocking the shelves.  The world today exists online.  This is fact.  If your business is not online it basically might as well not even exist.  Unless your goals are to not grow, not succeed, not inform customers of your products and services, not update customers of sales.

Here are some social media statistics to consider:

There are 3.48 billion social media users worldwide in 2019

The World’s most visited websites:

Google #1, Youtube#2, Facebook #3, Twitter#11, Instagram#17


There is a danger to ignoring your business online.  Your business will suffer negative consequences both online and offline.  I’ve seen it, and I feel so badly for the business owner that makes this decision.  Please don’t quit before the magic happens.  Treat your online presence as an investment in your business, and work on growing it consistently over time.  The results will be worth it!!!

Risks of ignoring your social media:

  1.   Appearing Closed.  If you have a twitter account but haven’t posted since 2015 a potential client who finds you on Twitter may automatically assume your business is closed.
  2.   Missing critical feedback.  If you are not monitoring your messages, reviews and comments you are probably missing very important feedback about your business.  Both negative and positive.
  3.   Missing potential sales leads.  Many potential clients will reach out now via social media.  If you are not responding to incoming sales messages i.e. Facebook Direct messages you are losing sales.
  4.   Inconsistent = unprofessional.  It appears very unprofessional to post inconsistently.  Being consistent with your online marketing strategies leads to building a community that trusts you.  If you show up consistently that inspires a sense of trust and keeps you top of mind.
  5.   Not keeping up with competition


You personally do not have to have a social media presence – but your business does.  So please when you set out to create a social media strategy consider it as a long term commitment.

I want to see all businesses succeed, and I know through experience that having a consistent presence on social media will help your business success and thrive and grow.



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