create your own gifs for engaging content

Social Media Tip: Create GIFs to Increase Engagement

Here is a fun and easy to implement social media content creation tip: create your own GIF or mini animation files to increase engagement!

If adding video into your social media content is one of your goals this year, as it is for me, then I suggest you can use GIF files to dip your toes so to speak into this arena.

What is a GIF?

a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

An animated  gif is an image that’s been encoded using the graphics interchange format where it has multiple frames encoded into a single image file and a web browser or other software will play those images back in animated sequence automatically. … An animated GIF is a digital version of that.

How can I create a GIF?

Did you know that Canva offers this feature? You can download any graphic in an animation file that can be easily uploaded as a little video or GIF.

How to create a GIF using Canva

If you use any other program for creating mini animations please share in the comments below!

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