social media tip - help each other

Social Media Tip HELP OTHERS

social media tip - help each other

Social Media Tip Help Each Other

Good morning friends today is tip #36/365 days of tips! Wow this is fun! Today’s tip is pretty simple – HELP EACH OTHER. The more we help others, the more social media is a benefit to us all. You can help support other small business owners, organizations, or groups you love by interacting with their social media posts. This is honestly the #1 way that all social media accounts grow engagement. The more engagement on a social media account – the more that their posts will be shown. This is true on all platforms.

How Can I Help Others?

  • Like, Comment or Share social media posts
  • Welcome someone new to the town, area, etc on your social media account i.e. Wow look Orangeville is getting a new Poutine Restaurant (true story) go check out their Facebook Page
  • Share a blog post by a new blogger and tag them in it
  • Review a business on Facebook or Google
  • Check in to a local business
  • Tag a local business or organization in your content

I’m sure you could think of other ways to help support each other. Think about the engagements you get on your own social media that you really appreciate – reciprocate those actions! Please feel free to comment below with other suggestions.

For those that know me, you know that I hate being in front of a crowd or in the spotlight in any way. One of my goals this year is to work on overcoming my fears and trying to grow into being comfortable in front of a camera. It took me about 10 takes but I managed to stumble through my tip of the day on Youtube, and I’ll try to do this more. I would appreciate any subscribers to my channel. Thanks! Sarah

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