Social Media Tip Maintain a Constant Presence

Social Media Tip Maintain a Constant Presence

Maintain a Constant Presence
Maintain a Constant Presence

Day#152/365 Social Media Tips. Maintain A Constant Presence!

This means once you have set up and started using social media for your business the key to success and long term growth and results is to maintain a constant presence on all platforms.

Post Consistently

By maintaining a constant presence you help to build up trust with your audience. It is professional and shows a level of commitment to follow through. In my opinion it is highly dangerous to use social media for a given period of time and then abandon your social media profiles. Someone connecting with you or visiting a Facebook Page that hasn’t had a post in 3 months might wonder is the business still even open?

Respond Consistently

Another way you can maintain a constant presence is to always respond on all social media platforms to your messages and comments. By engaging with your interactions you show consistency and trust too.


Remember that social media is a long term asset of your business, and building the community and engagements takes time and patience. In the end it is worth it as your business will gradually see long term growth and results.

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