Social Media Tip – Make Your Content More Human

Social Media Tip – Make Your Content More Human

Social Media Tip - Make your Content More Human


Social Media Tip – Make your Content More Human

Think about how many million social media posts are pushed out to platforms each day by brands and businesses.  How can you make your content stand out?  How can you make your content more engaging?  How can you stay on the top of a users memory?   One of the biggest trends in digital marketing is to bring the “social” back into Social Media.  Hence – Be more HUMAN.

Post less of the same old “sales” type posts and more content that actually encourages human interaction.

How Can you Humanize Your Social Media Content:

  • Use more real images of yourself, your staff, your office, even your pets!
  • Ask questions of your audience
  • Share Video!
  • Use more emojis
  • Tag people, and other businesses
  • Post behind the scenes photos
  • Feature customer reviews & testimonials
  • Welcome new clients
  • Post memes or gifs
  • Be funny – post cartoons or funny images
  • Throw Back Thursday Posts #TBT use an old image of you or something in your business
  • Post a staff member or team member each month “meet the team!”
  • Use National Days in your Marketing Calendar
  • Use “what is this a picture of” (image scrambles)
  • Ask for customer feedback

What is the 30/30/30 Rule in Content Creation?

If one of your goals on Social Media is to increase engagement and continue to grow your audience it is ever more important to have an excellent content strategy.  At Dufferin Media, we have been creating social media posts for clients since 2012.  We generally suggest using the 30/30/30 rule where 30% of your content is “sales”.  Obviously we are all in this to generate some sales and to educate our audience what we do and what we are selling.

30% of the content we suggest be informative.  “how to” “did you know” useful articles, etc.

and 30% of the content to be SOCIAL.  This is the section I encourage you to really think about sharing content that will make you look more Human.  This is your opportunity to connect with your audience in an authentic way.  Not just sharing content that is more human – but also acting more human by engaging with others on social media.  Comment on posts, like, share, retweet, post to your stories content from others.  Respond to all comments made on your posts.  


The more you bring the “social” back into social media marketing the more engagement you will get on your accounts.  This is an effective business strategy regardless of the type of business or organization you are in.  At the other end of all accounts is another human being scrolling through content.  Make sure you stand out.

Do you need help with creating a clear digital marketing strategy?  I offer coaching and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to assist with many areas.  LEARN MORE 


2 Responses

  1. Love this. There are too many perfectly posed pictures out there. They aren’t life. I’m a huge fan of a beautiful travel photo but I’d love to see more real on the weekend. My kids never pose just right at the table lol! I have found my best engagement comes from our most real pictures.

  2. Abby Heird says:

    Sarah, great post!! I am in marketing and this is such an important concept. It is super easy for me to be human on Twitter for our blog but it’s harder to remember to post on insta stories of life. I have been working on it. Thanks for sharing this!

    *Side note: I love this font and font size. I wanna type all day! lol.

    ❤️Abby | https://mylifelines.co

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