Social Media Tip: Use Emojis to create a poll! Good morning friends! This blog post is a social media tip inspired by my very creative daughter who is only 11 but is inspiring to become a TikTok legend. I love her ambition! She created a poll using pic collage and turned it into a tik tok video. It is asking her audience to vote on how old they think she is via emojis.

levolin inhaler price Look how much engagement she has received in just a short time! 17 comments and 45 likes. Nice job girl!

zap Emoji’s are a great tool to encourage engagement on social media posts and they add a human touch to your content.

What is an Emoji?

seroquel price install An Emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc.

produce parachute scalp therapie oil buy online Emojis first appeared in 1997 on Japanese mobile phones and became popular in the 2010’s as more mobile devices added the capability to their keyboards.

Why Use Emoji’s on my Company Social Media?

If you are a brand, or a small business, or a personal brand, the use of emojis within the text of your social media posts can create a human touch because emojis represent emotions and emotions are a human trait.

Emojis are great to use – just keep the numbers down to a few per post and only when appropriate.

Examples Social Media Polls using Emojis

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