Social Media Tip: Use Geographical Hashtags

Social Media Tip: Use Geographical Hashtags

social media tip use geographical hashtags in your posts
social media content tip use geographical hashtags in your posts

Social Media Tip: Use Geographical Hashtags in your Content

Good morning friends! Thank you for visiting my blog today 🙂 I’m excited to share a quick social media tip with you today that you can implement into your content strategy that will have a great impact.

If you are a local business – try to always use geographical hashtags in the text of your social media posts. This allows social media users to find your content easier when they are searching for businesses near them.

Hashtags are now a relevant tool in posts on ALL social media platforms yes even LinkedIN! All platforms now have search functions by hashtag – so it is a great strategy to include hashtags in your posts and if relevant to your business use geographical hashtags. Social media users will also follow hashtags now, including #MYTOWN to stay informed of happenings near them.

If one of your goals is to be more visible and to increase awareness of your local business I highly suggest using geographical hashtags when relevant.

For example, I live in Orangeville Ontario Canada. So if I am posting content specific to this area I will often use:

#Orangeville, #DufferinCounty #Caledon

However if I am posting a general post that is not location specific I will not use these hashtags. (remember my target audience is worldwide)

So evaluate your social media strategy identifying first who your audience is and where they are, and then include the geographical hashtags to match.

One restaurant that I’ve seen use hashtags REALLY well is Antica Osteria in Brampton. Brampton is about 30 minutes away from Orangeville, but I’m sure many people would be happy to travel down the highway for their food! I love how they use hashtags of locations that are close where potential customers might travel from to visit their restaurant. Well done!


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